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my life.

Pingu and Ricky Gervais laugh exactly the same way


i think i might be the first person to discover this.

General Update:

  • Dog potty: trained.
  • Diseased, decaying pond out back: filled
  • Son: still unpottytrained. now pooping only while in room for nap/sleep, takes off diaper and smears poop wherever possible. takes about an hour to clean up. strongly considering selling him into slavery. husband and i figure “a little work never hurt anybody”.


Son: (stuffy nose and congested) *points to nose* can we take it off?

Long time no post

sorry for the lack of posts, we went down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and now that we are back, we are sick with something awful. hopefully we get well soon and resume posting.

Was just napping and dreamed of shooting myself in the head while the earth ruptured and swallowed me down into a lava pit or hell or something. Woke up with a screaming headache so I guess in some small way, dreams really do come true.

Ladies and gentlemen, my child.



i love this picture so much oh my god idek why but just?? its so funny omg???? 

look at velma????


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every so often, probably once a week, I see something that is so awful that I deem it “the worst thing I have ever seen”. This is so terrifying that I have to say, I’m really not looking forward to next week. I’d like to just stop right here, internet. That’s far enough. I don’t want to see what you have that is worse than this.

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when you get older do old people start becoming attractive to you like when I’m 70 are 70 year old men gonna look hot like this is a legitimate concern of mine

i don’t think you are going to find the answer to this question on tumblr, maybe ask your grandma? but i’ve wondered that before too.

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